Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Everybody go surfing

Surfing USA!
Free concerts on Tuesday nights in Ada. 
Always wanted to check it out, so tonight we rode our bikes down to see it
It was nice! Well attended. :)  will have to go again

And I haven't introduced you to my lemon plant before. So here you go: mr. Lemon tree
A wedding gift from some friends. 
Look! It already has 5 tiny lemons. 
Very proud mama. Now don't let me jinx it. Haha

And well we have a super random post
It has been sooo long. Here is a #classicjoketuesday
What did the Dalmatian say after he finished his meal???
That hit the spot. 

Laugh on. Happy Tuesday! 

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  1. Love the hodge podge post! It was almost BT style :)