Thursday, August 29, 2013

lots of mud

which is a good sign when you are building/working on the house

The mud comes from here...the footings are in...meaning the new garage can go up 
and the old can come down

The four season porch is taking shape
and the deck is on its way

may look random but this is in the old part of the garage
the pantry, laundry, and office...leading to the mud room

fun to continue to see the progress!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

turn that frown

upside down

after what you could call a long day at the office thanks to this new machine

I received one of the cutest text from my sister in law
that instantly turned any frown or straight work face into a HUGE smile
Ben said "Aunt Kari calls me peanut butter cup. No one say that but Aunt Kari.  Auntie is silly"
I am sorry doesn't seem much but I sure found it cute and it made my heart melt and made me laugh
sweet boy! 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

opening day

of the US Open is here already!
[actually last night] 
Opening reminds me of back to school and I guess that means it really is that time of year

ANYWAY I will stay away from that sad talk and focus on the last bit of summer we have :)


Last night we decided to channel our inner open and play a little tennis
well being over 80 degrees we lasted about 30 min

and then I was found doing this the rest of the night

Let the fun continue on for the next two weeks
I am the remote control queen all week! 
aka ESPN2 all the way!

Happy opening day of the open to the tennis fans!

Monday, August 26, 2013

boating buddy

Sunday afternoon
Ben [and his parents] :) came over for church, lunch and boating

It was a Beautiful day!
and we had a lot of fun!

Ben tubed and swam and we sat and watched
it was wonderful

Crazy driver


hope they can come back and play another day! 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

gotta lovett

date night 
we love it
one more time of birthday celebrating
just the two of us, just the two of us

and a little Lyle Lovett
one more FMG concert
beautiful night and nice concert [2hrs 45min long! wow]

Thursday, August 22, 2013

a young 36

happy birthday happy birthday happy happy birthday to you

Today is my hubbys Birthday
we celebrated 

yesterday today and tomorrow
he deserves it, lot to be celebrated about him

love you to the moon and back

Day one: My Parent

The whole family

J had help with his gifts

his new trailer for the lawn mower

Day two: J's family

The Cake for the night

One more day celebrating tomorrow on date night

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

update on the #the7314demo

there continues to be progress daily

like dirt moved
some of the studs are up
and the porch and deck are being created :)

Plus a bathtub is in the basement just waiting to be installed!

Check out the change

roll on please roll on! 

Monday, August 19, 2013

double the wedding

double the fun
double the cake
double mint gum

this weekend was filled with love awe! haha

we celebrated on Friday night

and then on Saturday we headed to Celeryville to celebrate Js friends
we drove to Willard, OH or oh-hi-yo to the Waltin inn.  We were in room #3
This was small did I know?!
while when we were checking in we were asked if we were going to 'the wedding'  haha the town event

The Waltin Inn

The bus ride over from the wedding to the reception..a little windy!

In the barn
Super pinteresty..very neat to see.  They did a great job

More pinterest stuff

and the happy bride and groom cutting the cake
and there was pie and cookies!! Jackpot! 

back through the cornfields to the GR

congrats congrats to the happy couples!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

bucket of berries and music

last week I went berry picking with my mother in law
we had a great time
there were SO MANY BERRIES!
we both pick 12 lbs

I have now been eating blueberries like its my job haha

then there was music not out in the berry field
but at the Meijer Gardens concert
Owl City..we got a last minute invite and capitalized on it
didnt know as many songs as I thought i was would but still a fun night
and bonus gwen had tickets too!

loved enjoying these summer nights

Thursday, August 15, 2013

up UP north part two

a little back logged on the blogger because the internet has been down at the house

but we have an extension to our up north vacation
we went back up the next weekend
spent one more night out with Js family
and then the next day with BEN, jeff and Betsy and the parentals

we again had a blast.

check out the photos for PROOF

Friday fun day
Before I got up north Dash and Ben had a play date!
so cute, melted my heart

Free fire truck rides at the street fair friday night

Family photo time

Saturday fun in the sun
Started the morning at the farmers market

feeding the ducks

Snack time

and play time
my moms favorite pic of J ;-)

catch grandpy grandpy grandpy in a trap! haha 

then it was time to get buried

Uncle Jason and Ben!

then it got a little chilly, so it was time to just hangout

and for us to head home
another great time at the port!