Thursday, August 8, 2013

up up north

we headed to the TC and beyond
Elk Rapids
for a little vacation family style

we were able to celebrate Dash's 2nd birthday
spent time on the beach
downtown tc and elk rapids
oooo and even had a celebrity sighting
Amy Smart and later found her companion to lunch was mostly likely mr carter oosterhouse her husband

the vacation started with....
Birthday party night
 My parents and grandma were able to join us

 Dash liked his car we got him

lots of cute changes since we saw him last in February! he is just such a sweet boy
happy 2nd birthday carrot cake style

a relaxing day of biking and downtown tc for lunch
had to document my grandma in TC...doesnt happen to often
you know tc is partial on another planet it is so far away ;-)

took a pic of grandma / amy and carter bahh hahhah

ended the night with smores 

monday brought about a biking adventure 

Dash loved 'bike' bike' bike'
J learned pulling a little kid is harder than it looks :)

 and our last day involved the beach

the water


and downtown elk rapids

had to end this post with the purest of pure Michigan
we saw a lot of different skies through the weekend/week
just beautiful!

and passed these beautiful sunflower each day on the drive from TC to the Elk!

lovely lovely Michigan
thanks for letting me enjoy you for a four day vacation!

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