Monday, August 19, 2013

double the wedding

double the fun
double the cake
double mint gum

this weekend was filled with love awe! haha

we celebrated on Friday night

and then on Saturday we headed to Celeryville to celebrate Js friends
we drove to Willard, OH or oh-hi-yo to the Waltin inn.  We were in room #3
This was small did I know?!
while when we were checking in we were asked if we were going to 'the wedding'  haha the town event

The Waltin Inn

The bus ride over from the wedding to the reception..a little windy!

In the barn
Super pinteresty..very neat to see.  They did a great job

More pinterest stuff

and the happy bride and groom cutting the cake
and there was pie and cookies!! Jackpot! 

back through the cornfields to the GR

congrats congrats to the happy couples!

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  1. I love the happiness window! awe! is right! :)