Tuesday, February 19, 2013

diaries of watering THE plants

Toughest task yet
So today my parents leave for the sunshine state for over 5 weeks!

I was left with a few easy tasks like open their mail, pay a few bills, put out the recycling 
all stuff I can manage and happy to do

BUT there is just one task that i was left with that I ask or whine WHY ME! 
TASK/challenge: water my moms prized plants, four of them
bc they need watering every 2-3 days or until the leaves look droopy she delivered them to my work in effort to help keep them alive.

Here is the picture on DAY ONE upon arrival
Beautiful and healthy

NOT pictured
But after day one of water I already goofed.  As I went to water the plant on the far left I broke off one of the stick/bud thing, seriously   already I throw my hands up in the air.  mess up number one!  

Don't worry it only takes about 6 months for that bud to produce, quotes my mother

man alive.
Let the documentation / mission begin!
wish my luck only 5 weeks 2days 21 min left :)


  1. You busted an orchid?!?! You didnt tell me that tidbit! hahahaha