Friday, February 22, 2013

diaries of water the PLANTS cont..

weekly update
BECAUSE the plants were actually dropped off to me last Friday when my parents were still in town
only adding time and pressure to the duration of keeping my eye on them
but that leaves me now with THE one week in update

Here is the results photo one week in...

Plant one: Still has FLOWERS!!! VICTORY!!! fist pumps to the air
Plant two: looks the same [dead...mother says it is on its come back]
Plant three: well I kinda notice that the leaf on the far right has some yellowing...should I throw my hands up in the air...not yet.  The rest of the plant [to me] looks the same and that plant STILL has two of the three buds!  That in and of it self is a victory!
Plant four:  well I also notice that there may be a little yellowing in the leaf in the back [ha i turned it so it looked better in the picture] other than that I personally feel it looks the same

So what to do about this yellowing?!?!  I mean if each week there is little by little...THEN..see where I am going with this train of thought...
I may have to consult with the plant guru herself

But after today I leave them in my Aunts care for the first part of the week, when we actually head to the sunshine state....hoping that TITLE holds true!

until next week
4 weeks....5 days ...19 min! 


  1. Plants dont like to be moved. Maybe they're still adjusting! the yellow though, I DO see where you're going with that....

  2. too much water? I have a black thumb, so perhaps I shouldn't offer any advice...;)