Wednesday, October 24, 2012

what has the kitchen been cookin?

FOUR new things all from pinterest! [all the pics are off pinterest, not mine!]
Some sweet and some salty

ONE: 7-Layer Bars
RATING 10-10. sooo good.  easy to make 
and a totally a hit!

TWO:  Pumpkin Pie Bread
Rating: 10-10 Delicious bread, maybe not good for you 
But oh so dreamy, actually have made it twice

 THREE: Harvest soup
RATING: 10-10 again :) made it twice [freeze some for later]
Squash, sweet potato, apples...aka lots of veggies 
so good for you

FOUR: OMG parmesan chicken 
RATING: 9-10
Substituted greek yogurt for sour cream and it was great
again healthy and quick to make
J really this! [first meat and veggie dinner night :) hehe i passed]

Again would recommend any of these! 

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