Saturday, October 13, 2012

honey to the moon

such a great time away with the Hubby.
We travel well together :) 
We had three busy days being VERY touristy.  We went every where in Rome and then headed to Santorini in the Greek Islands to relax [but also did some day trips] then back to Rome, where we took the train to Florence for the day.  Then it was back to reality, but a good reality!

LOTS and LOTS of pictures, J only gave me a little grief for the amount I took!

We arrived at 8am, got to the hotel and went walking around

 Day two: Started at the Spanish steps

 A stop for gelato
 Great view of Rome
 Day Three: Audio TOUR time for J!
A beautiful park in the middle of the city
 Day Four: Athens
Nothing like starting the day with a Mcflurry and coke zero :) 
 It was VERY hot

 But we still hiked to the top to see this

 Day Five: AHHH finally made it to Santorini [check off the bucket list]
Very very happy wife, so happy life 
 It was a good morning

pool time
 In to the town of Fira for dinner and sunset and shopping

 Day six: We rented a car and toured the whole island. so much fun!

 Stopped at the other side for another beautiful sunset dinner
Day seven: Another day trip, this time to volcano and hot springs, but first through the donkey so so gross!

 One more bit of relaxing!
 and watching the sunset at the hotel
 Day Eight we travel
Day Nine: We took the train to Florence

 Dodo Store just for Grandma!
 One last bit of Pizza and Pasta 
 Day Ten: We are off! 5am flight
other than almost missing our plane in Paris we made it home safely!


  1. Fountain of trevi?! I have that same photo, same spot. Loved these photos. Did you think it was too short/too busy or perfect? Love the black dress and loft striped top. You brought a lot of clothes! I love the outfits.

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  3. Awe thanks! It is the fountain of trevi, so pretty but soooo busy! I thought it could always be longer :) Thanks for the sweet comments!