Sunday, April 1, 2012

anything goes

was kinda the theme we had going this weekend...
Last minute trip to NYC 

It was also...
the play that we saw on Broadway, on Broadway [must sing while you read that part]

Friday we walked the Brooklyn bridge
 spent time with J's brother, sister in law and nephew
and shopped at H&M
Got a mani and a pedi
Dutch'a just love opi!
[great color from the Dutch collection]

Saturday we also spent time with Js brother, sister in law, and Nephew
walked around Brooklyn
went to a fabulous burger and custard joint
shopped at the H&M [again! Twice in one weekend!]
we also had 'date night' downtown
walked around time square and Rockefeller center
went out to dinner at a delicious Italian restaurant
attend Anything Goes
[very good play!  tap dancing and all!]

Got picked up
and went to Church
Then headed home
Just a fun weekend over all.  Glad it worked out!

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