Tuesday, November 22, 2011

preparation night

First things first
Thanksgiving is in two days.  crazy crazy crazy we are already there
I am on dessert duty!  YES my favorite

So I researched the usual blogs and newest pinterest and decided on
one: carrot cake trifle
Two: Eclair
Three: Pumpkin Bars

first stop Meijers, later to avoid the crazies
avoided most, accept that couple that tended to be by everything I needed and they always had no clue what they were looking for or what they needed
Second stop my kitchen, got all the goods out
Three blocks of cream cheese
at least 6 eggs
2 sticks of butter
and sugar all kinds and lots of it!
and healthy carrots [shredded]
 the recipes and pans ready to fly

TOMORROW is the big cooking day [in a limited amount of time]
Bakeralla will have to be diet coke infused and ready to go!
Double batch of cream cheese frosting here we come :)

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