Friday, November 11, 2011

3:30 am wake up call

Thursday morning Beep beep. low battery in such a polite voice.  That was my smoke detector up stairs in my room chirping every ohhh two minutes no joke!
soooo i think, hmmm take out battery.
soooo i turn the lights on, stagger over and well no way I can reach it. 
soooo go downstairs and get a bar stool, should be sufficient.
but bring it upstairs and still can't reach. 
now what
get a broom, think i can pop the lid off....this thing is soooo annoying and loud.
that doesn't work either. 
soooo i decide i will have to sleep in the guest room, with three doors shut. upstairs, hallway and bedroom I can still hear the faint chirping sound.
finally able to fall back asleep.

now what....
ohhh JEFF to the rescue.  he stopped after work to help me!!
best brother!  :)

and the positive note we take away from least the fire alarm is loud enough to wake me from a dead sleep :)

make sure you make lots of wishes today
11-11-11 :)

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