Friday, June 10, 2011

summer hit list

just a few [always more grand ideas rolling around in my head]'want to do' for the summer

possible reality
one: Navy Pier [put this on every year and has yet to be checked off]
two: Long bike trip [anywhere] followed by a fabulous brunch
three: Boyne girly weekend
four: bike to fulton street farmers market [and buy a bike basket]
five: big lake fishing
six: beautiful weather [a girl can dream] traverse city weekend [cherry republic]
seven: grand haven/holland night out. dinner and beach
eight: some type of festival [coast guard or cherry]

probably not reality
one: camping [in a tent]
two: mackinaw island day trip [fudge]

Looking for participants, feel free to volunteer, expand and make my dreams come true!


  1. hmm sounds like we must be friends or something...maybe even like bogos! :)