Monday, June 6, 2011

extended stay

but not necessarily in a good way, complements of Delta air
We got home at 11:30am Monday instead of 9pm Sunday
But what can you do in a situation like that other than roll with the punches.

That was the only hiccup of the trip.
The rest of the trip = Three good days in NYC

Day one arrived early in the morning and headed to:
coney island
Brighton beach
walked the Brooklyn bridge
dinner out

Day two:
Biked a full day. All around the city and central park
stopped at H&M
out to dinner

[we love to smile for 100s of pictures, truth or lie?]

Day Three:
Toured Brooklyn
Governors Island
saw a polo match and swear I also saw Olivia from The city!
left airport
Side trip to flushing hotel [not on the original itinerary]

Day Four: [or bonus day!!?]
up at 4:45am
back to GR

Good trip all around!

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