Wednesday, July 5, 2017

red white and blue

happy really long 4th of July weekend
in TC and boy did we have fun!

The tradition carried on with my cousins coming up 
and of course lots of grandma and grandpa time!
the weather was good
and it was the start of Cherry Festival

picture time
Arie and I headed up Thursday morning with Grandma and Grandpa
naps were needed 

then beach time

supervising grandpa on the grill

best way to start the day!

then off on errands with mama and grandpa
while grandma had Bible study

post nap beach fun

the thunderbirds were up for cherry festival
practicing and were LOUD

one of his favorite things to do 

papa arrived and we went straight out to dinner

then to the airport were they had a ton of planes, helicopters, firetrucks, ect...
and the thunderbirds
Arie was so excited to see everything!


Saturday morning
started out a little chilly 
so train time 

and a drive down to Cherry Festival
and the!

then in the afternoon 
the cousins arrived

seaboat time

and after dinner the boys wanted to try out a new biking trail
Arie wanted to be in on the fun
thank goodness for nana to push and pull him through the path 

Sunday morning
snuggles with grandpa 

and post nap beach

then later in the afternoon the Wymas came over!
so glad they decided to be in TC and that it all worked out
Arie loved playing with the kids!

and we loved talking to their parents :) 

Happy Breakfast at Wimbeldon!!! 

then off to the beach for a beautiful day

Arie had his first sail and liked it!

 and our last day
4th of JULY
started with more beach time
another beautiful day

then lunch and time to head home

he was exhausted to say the least

we had such a fun LONG weekend away!!
We love traverse city and spending time with grandparents, cousins and friends!!

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