Tuesday, May 30, 2017

up north

so excited for a long weekend 
and to be back up north to TC!

we always have such a good time
Arie loves it up there and so do we

so here we go
waiting in the garage to load up the car 

and then OUT!

Friday night music on the deck 

Saturday morning books with grammy!

and four wheeler ride with grandpa
we have one happy boy

then down to watch grandpa and grandmas friend finish the marathon

 then back to the beach
he played over 3 hours without a fuss
the sand is also a happy place

and one last scooter ride before bed

and a walk on the beach to end the night

sunday bike and run to the park

then scooter

a little downtown shopping and sampling at Cherry Republic 
and a stop at the choo choo park before the rain

after lunch naps for all on a rainy day

then off to Lowes and the mall

who doesn't like racing through lowes

then dinner 
and in the car for a late night ride home
he was pooped out!

such a fun first weekend up north!
so thankful to be able to spend time up there!

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