Sunday, September 18, 2016

32 and 20

mama is 32 
Arie is 20 months 

We had a great time celebrating
so many kind texts and messages 
and two different days of celebrating
very thankful 
and very thankful for another year of health and fun with my little love 

we started celebrating Friday afternoon
we went to Sietsemas orchard for a donuts
a HUGE fan

a little relaxing

then that night we were able to go that night
with the Lipinskis and the Paters
the kiddos 

and after

 and cake and ice cream
hooray for Arnies

 actual birthday
this little monkey decided to snuggle for a split second ;-)

then heading off to church

after nap
we were off to Holland for dinner, ice cream and the beach

we hit OBI but it was closed opps
so firehouse subs
Arie loved the trucks on the wall

off to Captain Sundae
a bench just his size

really enjoying the ice cream

off to the beach it was just beautiful

he was really into watching the boats

and a quick swing

and that is how we celebrated
a fun special day 

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