Thursday, October 22, 2015

another lap

around the track
now we are NINE months old!

 Big smiles...and can even sorta see a bit of his teeth

There was lack of outtakes this month
[jason was home to help entertain...make giggle noises ect]
I was shocked how well it went ;-) 

what did this month bring about
ONE: TEETH!!!  5 by the end of the month
TWO: more cuddles and snuggling ...hello!  does it get any better. more aware of the mama and the papa.  like picking up or walking in the door after being away, usually brings about smiles!! 
THREE: he loves to play with my hair. or grandpas or papas.....didnt even know this was a baby thing.  but boy is it entertaining! 
FOUR: continues to like to explore all over the place! including climbing in the shower! 

Officially stats:
19lbs. 14oz
29 in long
and only one shot.  the flu shot
not bad

Mr. Arie you need to slow it down ;-) 

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