Sunday, September 20, 2015

4x2 equals

eight....eight months old 

and he successfully made this photo shoot the hardest yet
should he crawl away or take the number, pick one...he did both...repeatedly :)
here are the ones that worked 

and here are the ones I just giggle over

and I think this means we are finished :) 

And the facts:
1. 19lbs and 29in
all across the board on clothing sizes.  still some 3-6 month pants. lots of 6 month and some 9 month
just depends on the brand :) 
2. he seems more interested in real food.
he likes to try stuff that I am eating [infront of him] like bananas, crackers, apples.
he really like peaches and applesauce
3. he likes to go around pulling himself up on everything...and sometimes just letting go when he wants to sit down
4. at the moment he enjoys exploring...kinda more than his toys.  He also loves shutting doors and playing peek a boo with blankets
5. he has moved up in church nursery to veggie tots..and gets cherrios there...and I have been told they are a hit

and that is the quick overview of arie ;-)

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  1. Oh I LOVE the last photo!! too funny! And you forgot to add 6. Looking forward to meeting a new friend in March :)