Sunday, April 27, 2014

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This trip to the library brought about an interesting combo
First book I saw a person I follow on Instagram recommend and I saw it in Costco. Sold. 
I didn't even really read anything about it before I checked it out
So Book one: The Light Between Ocean
A little sad... A family struggling and wanting a child. Hears a baby crying and take her in. Stopping there...If I tell you the whole premise I think I would give it away.  it was good just not something I would usually pick up to read or not sure I would say it is a must read. 

Book two: Mobbed
This is Mary Higgins Clark's daughter. Figured would probably be good because of that... But not so much. Ok mystery about an actress that goes missing and trying to find her through out the book. Good but I wouldn't say run out and read. 

Neither was a bust but nothing to rave about... 
Happy reading! (Checked two more out this weekend) 

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  1. Look at you all up in the Library!! haha BK's wife recommended the Ocean one, glad to have your review on it ;)