Monday, December 30, 2013

thirteen to fourteen

tomorrow we will all be ringing in the New Year

Time for a little reflecting
This year has sure been a year to remember
as our Pastor spoke in church on Sunday he challenge us to reflect on the year and what we have been through... 
The year of Fill in the blank...[my blank the 7314 demo!]

either we were blessed or had it been a trial- he asked.  matter what how did you handle it?
I thought that was a powerful question to think reflect about
I think the thing that shaped, controlled, consumed us a lot this year was our house project, I do not mean that in a bad way it just took/takes A LOT of time
I can think of way more good than bad when it comes to this year
and that is a HUGE blessing and for that I am so thankful 
This past year of change and unknown or anticipation
of long days moving rocks at the house-repeatably, discussions about door styles :), exciting days of seeing progress and paint colors
but the house wasnt the only thing that shaped this year
we were blessed with health 
family that is always giving of their time and love and energy
small things like nephew bunny kisses or snowshoeing on a Sunday snowy morning
Christmas light wonderlands
girls night on Thursday or a long weekend in Traverse city celebrating a bride to be!
to long boat rides on a hot day
trips to exciting sporting events
the list could go on and on

how do we deal with the good and how do we deal with the bad in the coming year
We had a sermons series this year that was called selfless
The main thing that I learned that I took away from it all was:
I love them, more than I love me
simple to say and read
but very challenging to do

so that is my challenge for 2014
Or my New Years resolution 

wow take a breath...a bit longer than usual 
so here are some fun pictures for you from moving in: round one!

Two nephews that are little buddys when they are together
and two wonderful grammys that help

Entertainment for one..PBS

Then we put him to work!

and again

all the WONDERFUL help!

and the cutest two workers ;-)

Cheers to 2014

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