Monday, April 8, 2013

red wings vs. blue hawks

what!?! or just the blues
I about died laughing
thanks to the lady in front of me at the game this weekend that used XL font on her texter! haha
 i like being a sleuth

This weekend J and I spent time exploring Ann Arbor area Saturday-Sunday
hitting new or lack of [in gr] stores
seeing his schools! [which was super neat to finally see his hard work, proud wife]
and go to a red wings game the next afternoon [despite the fact they lost]

First stop IKEA
I can see it!

Out of the whole store Js favorite purchase a stick of bamboo!
my favorite purchase a 0.99 stuffed mouse for Ben
and 0.99 ice cream cone

Ann Arbor Prep!
not pictured Taylor Prep

 Next stop the one and only H&M!!!!
Happy Kari 

 Next stop Trader Joe's my first time visiting
best purchase chocolate covered pretzels that happen to be filled with peanut butter
saddest moment = cookie butter out of stock! what!  haha maybe it was a sign I didnt need to eat the whole jar by myself :) 

Final stop of the day
Zingermans Roadhouse
Pulled Pork Goodness [the deli was featured in the 5 year engagement movie]

 Next day
After sleeping in and being lazy and eating free hotel breakfast! YEAH
We arrived at the Joe Louis Arena
[yes that man is photobombing my Picture :( sad!]

Waiting to the Wings to warm up
we like out seats

unfortunately the cheering didnt work 0-1
But we still had a blast!

and then we drove home...and that is all, great weekend!!

oh wait...on a side note thanks to google and lots of car time
which cost more a Bently or an Aston Martin??
They cost about the same....about 290,000. WHOLE CATS! on a car! 
but wait if you think that is a lot!
 the most expensive car in the world...a Bugatti ringing in at 2,400,000!!
that was just a bit of added bonus educational facts of the day!
your welcome :)

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  1. Just watched 5 Year Engagement last night. Love Trader Joe's!