Friday, August 31, 2012

lots of two[s]

Twenty TWO days until the wedding
TWO more wedding showers this week
TWO houses to pack and move around this weekend
TOOO night watching Andy Roddick tennis match, could be his last ever.  can you believe this...i guess it is time [I am actually not that sad..the attitude is a turn off. just saying ha!]

anyway here are some pictures from the last TWO wedding showers

First one was with J's moms friends, so very kind of them to throw me a shower and such a beautiful and fun night with them

Shower number TWO was with my mom's side of the Family, given by my Aunt Terry at Egypt Valley.  It was also a great time and lots of great little details!
Can't believe all five showers have come and gone! 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

fun filled and workin weekend

Headed up north for a quick over night to hangout with Aoife, Al and the family
BEAUTIFUL night for a walk! I love summer

 Got to wake up and play with this little man
 Then take a sail and sun

 Then it was off to muskegon for J's friends wedding!
out on the lake, it was pretty and HOT

All the play resulted in workin it on Sunday
including moving some stuff out of my house [this is the real deal]
and including running down fuller to pick up a box that flew out of the trailer
only had to witness one Carol Rhoda Magnet be run over, not bad in the grand scheme of things!

Monday, August 27, 2012

classic joke monday

it has been a while but it is BACK!

What does the pig put on his cut??????


:)  haha.

happy monday and opening day of the us open [is it really that time!]

Sunday, August 26, 2012

an important day

last Wednesday
it marked not only J's birthday 
also a month until the wedding
we celebrated!

Beltline Bar with the family's
 My Lovey
 and dessert at J's grandmas house
wishing you a happy happy birthday and many MANY more!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

pastel mints

lots of family and friends
more opis
beautiful table decorations
delicious food
and lots and lots of fun

that would sum up wedding shower number three
my family really knew how to plan a beautiful party on Tuesday night
and the generosity continues to shine through!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

better late than never

for a trip to the whippy dip with B
it only took me until August to make it there!

It was definitely worth it though!

and we also enjoyed restaurant week at the red ball and a campfire
good way to spend a double :) date Friday night with the Bogo!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

don't get wet

at the shower is what Dougie told me this morning

I did get showered though with a ton of love and generosity by these ladies!
Such a fun shower and what a great group of friends and their moms

Look at all the special details
OPI Favors!
 Beautful flowers and signs

'The tennis girls'
 All the lovely ladies
 All the lovely moms
 The madre in her cute dress
 Gift time and dessert
So happy Aoife was in town to help celebrate 

Friday, August 17, 2012

you know...

you are getting close to the wedding 

Food will expire by then! 
haha that is the text I received this morning from my Sister in Law!

Monday, August 13, 2012

don't eat the feather

Bachelorette Party weekend
Chicago Style!

GREAT weekend with many lovely ladies helping me celebrate!
totally a Kari weekend:
Lots of dear friends
treat bags
total spoiling
shopping [H&M]
Sprinkles cupcakes
dinner out
and dessert
could it get any better!

All aboard...make sure you exit the train when it comes to your stop, word to the wise
 delicious treat bags and diet coke at 9 in the morning
 first stop lunch!
 first round of spoiling...super cute shirt to wear for the day

 walk through the city to the beach

 SPRINKLES cupcakes!  red velvet delicious
 Time for dinner
 The lady that put this FABULOUS trip together! love this lady
 All the fabulous ladies after dinner
The bridesmaids in the John Hancock
 dear Kristina at dessert
 Loads of goodies too!  the generosity just kept coming all night long

I will say it again.  I am truly blessed to have a so many close and supportive friends in my life!