Friday, August 31, 2012

lots of two[s]

Twenty TWO days until the wedding
TWO more wedding showers this week
TWO houses to pack and move around this weekend
TOOO night watching Andy Roddick tennis match, could be his last ever.  can you believe this...i guess it is time [I am actually not that sad..the attitude is a turn off. just saying ha!]

anyway here are some pictures from the last TWO wedding showers

First one was with J's moms friends, so very kind of them to throw me a shower and such a beautiful and fun night with them

Shower number TWO was with my mom's side of the Family, given by my Aunt Terry at Egypt Valley.  It was also a great time and lots of great little details!
Can't believe all five showers have come and gone! 

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  1. I like your moms brown dress, fresh flowers and your choice of dresses. Love seeing Betsy in the photos!