Monday, July 9, 2012

full house

 in Traverse City
spent a great weekend with
my parents
jeff betsy and BEN
and my cousins Marsha and Jerry and their three boys: Jakob, Levi and Sam the Man
and J

I feel I heard the phrase 'best weekend ever' over and over again...and I agree!

Spent time tubing on J's boat
hanging in the water
out to lunch on the old mission point and an air show
took a bike ride through the woods
more beach time
lego museum 
ate lots of ice cream
and lots of goofing around
and the list goes on and on

check the pictures of proof!

 The boys looking for minnows

Hey there little beach loving man...auntie wants a picture

I decided to give tubing with Levi a try

Then decided I like riding in the boat better, right mom

Hanging with J

We rode our bikes up to Mt. Holiday where I once skied and where J lived close by back in the day

Lego Museum
The big kids are excited to build cars!

 Cherry pits anyone...the boys ganged up on me
We want a Kari, not a sour cherry! haha they were so fun with all their made up sayings!

 Lunch at the Jolly Pumpkin

 Three generations love this picture

 Father like son when it comes to the hair!

and mother and son

sooo next weekend is everyone free! :)

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