Saturday, December 31, 2011

see you next year!

Love love love that.  never gets old and ALWAYS makes me laugh!

[New years resolutions kind stress me out.....I think we should be content and happy where God has placed us for the time being BUT I do always think that there are things that can be improved or changed]

so instead of bogging resolutions I have made a few GOALS for 2012:

1. the serious more books.  With a focus on the christian living section.
2. Make soft pretzels
3. go to Dennys! :)
4.  train for either a race or a bike
5. make stuffed chicken breast
6. one day one day.  hit navy pier!
7. try to eat less sugar [mostly likely to fail :) ha]

With that being said 2011 has been a good year.  I can not say it enough but I am truly blessed!  and this year had no exceptions!

Here are a few pictures to wrap out some great things in 2011! [In chronological order]

Starting the year out with this little man Benjamin Scott

Also started dating this wonderful man [and went to lady gaga!]

[vacationed with miss gwen to VEGAS]

vacationed in the BVIs

meet another little peanut- lil

ran the riverbank 10k!

lots of hanging out with the BFF! including Backstreets

Visited Aoife in LONDON

lot of the summer doing this

trips to TC with the wonderful family

celebrated this fabulous day- congrats gwen and jim

visited sleeping bear

third year running of the Halloween race! 


Tonight we ring in the NEW YEAR!
Here we come 2012!!

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  1. Just getting caught up on my blogs finally...Happy New Year! Can't wait to hang out with you in 2012!