Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Loops hoops and gaganess

Yesterday morning was a total adrenalin rush! Got into work and checked my email. The 3rd faithful friend had emailed regarding lady gaga coming to grand rapids MARCH 1st. So I quickly jumped on ticketmaster to check out the status of when I could purchase the tickets. Found out that at 10am [1hr and 38 mins] presale for citi card holders would take place. I did not have citi card….soooo mission: find someone that was. I sent out an exclamation filled email to some friends and no one had one, asked my brother, nope. Asked my dad---- YES! But it was expired and the new one was shredded last week. SOOOO I begged and reluctantly he got on the phone with citi card to see if we could get the information to use on line….now they would not tell us the three digit code[but it was the same as the old thank goodness] or the expiration date…but said we would have three guesses on that. So after all that loops and hoops, the rest seems easy. So waited, piddled, clocked watched…and then got on right at 10am. clicked on the presale, got the tickets pending. Put in the expiration date. WRONG- my heart sank. Tried it again! And the TICKETS became mine! Ahhh relief. Heart stopped racing and arms went fist pumping dancing style in the air! Ladies and gentleman [probably do not have any man readers but] March 1st I will be getting to see miss gaga at van andel arena. Bahhhh I am pumped and sooo pumped that miss em and g will witness it also!!! Yesterday at 1 I had finally come down from my lady gaga high and realized it is six months away. So now I shall wait patiently for the day to arrive and until then I will continue my lady loving!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Birthday xtwo + football

Birthday number one. Miss bethie. I am so bad at keeping surprise but I didn’t let this cat out of the bag. We meet downtown at the viceroy and waited for bethie, when she walked in the door we yelled surprised and got to see a very cute reaction. It was a really fun time! After that we ventured downtown to take in some of the artprize goodness, so cool….loving all the downtown excitement!

Birthday number two: Saturday/Sunday deal was jimmy bs birthday celebration. We roadtripped up to traverse city for dinner celebration, spent the night and woke up bright [515 dark] and early morning. It was very very very chilly morning and we didn’t catch any fish but it was still really fun regardless! Raodtripped it back from Leland to traverse city for some bob evans goodness and then all the way home! Lots of car naps and heat got us all back to good old gr for a lazy rest of a Sunday afternoon.

Football: tonight the jonny b green machine [ok so I just cant remember the team name] took its first lost! Sad day but we are now two and one. And lets be honest I really don’t care, I was just happy bc I did my first thing in the game, pulled a flag! Woot woot I participated!!! After we went out to the cantina with the team, enjoyed the social bunch and some good chips and salsa! Got home and watched a little dancing with the stars and now will be calling it a night!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

banned to the basement

the Rollerblades.
we are going on day four after the accident in riverside park. For all of you who are not aware. I took a little spill via the blades over a down piece of brush, which left me with a HUGE very sore lower left bummm scrape. first day at work i rotated the stand, kneel, awkwardly sit sequence....second day it was just the gingerly sit and hope to not have to walk around too much. now that it is day four we are pretty much use to it just being a pain in my a**. [child censored readers!] so anyway i am hoping in a few more days to be fully recovered meaning fully being able to pee with out squatting, wear jeans without cringing and walk with out hobbling. Yes i know i was warned by many the blades are dangerous, i hear you now and they are now safely pack away in the basement with a pending sale sign tied to them!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

just a swivel away

My hand --- to this dangerous glass object!
The candy corn has made it debut.
Watch out. Consider yourself warned!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

twenty six minus twenty

is six. there is your math lesson for the day and the age little miss lauren celebrated today. we celebrated in style. In tgi friday's style. Apparently little kids palates have changed, what happened to the good old chuck e cheese. now it is all about the disco room and the dancing! haha
regardless of destination it is always a whirlwind of fun with my family and tonight was no exception.

see what twenty years will do to you:

learned that barbies are just slutty and the new doll is liv doll...learn something new everyday!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

over the hills: two ways.

[1] in my age. Hit the peak now on the way down. Twenty six years old yesterday. Called an old lady quite a few times., booo! How was my day spent on this lovely sept. 18, 2010. woke up early to some rain…piddled around until the rain subsided. Then got my run on….20 miles worth of running. Happy birthday to me, right!?!? Skyped with my parents, included a rendition of happy birthday! And then the fun continued on. Miss shatto took me to jv nails for a mani and a PEDI. The tradition shall carry on. [same box filled with a new opi to be used on a your birthday mani, long live this tradition for many years to come]
[2] outfit of choice. This year birthday theme was Hollywood, glitz and glam. And who else could I be [well other than lady gaga but forever 21 was not producing any gaganess] sooo drum roll……Lauren Conrad from the hills, BFF audrina was in attendance [I have no idea how her presence was made…I mean she has her premier of dancing with the stars tomorrow!] Lots of fun seeing what the guest would come as. Enjoyed a lovely coldstone cake compliments of gwen aka Lindsay lohan. Enjoyed many photo ops in our man made photo booth in the basement. Enjoyed lots of laughs during movie charadesgame. And just had a great time due to all my wonderful friends that made my day extra special!!!
Please feel free to browse through a few of the paparazzi shots:

So as they say on E, it’s a wrap Hollywood style. Another year is in the books, cant wait to see what another 364 days will bring!

Ps: thank you kp x10 for sharing your blog with us all, that was one of my better bday presents :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

duff nuff stuff

Thanks to miss g unit we had front row seats and a ticket to the VIP party when duff [ace of cakes] came to devos. Fun night, cool to be able to see the cake and enjoy some goodness too!
From the outside he seemed normal, funny, and nice.
From the inside scoop aka g unit: none of the above.
The verdict was out, but I say nuff with the duff.

Other notes.
1. Did some personal grooming. Hair cut and highlight…ahhh feel like a woman, new woman!
2. miss lady g outfit countdown. T-2 and still not have been to the store. Brainstorm. Thinking red….lipstick, glasses, nails!?!? dont worry there will be more. we like crazy but not that crazy
3. loving the new ellen season!

Monday, September 13, 2010

heyo i'm just the bun

heyo to the camp ground:
grand haven state park was invaded by some fine ladies. we hotdogged it in the tent. three to one air mattress aka i was just the bun! such a fun time hanging out by the campfire, roasting marshmallows, burning them cough cough [gwen limited to my number of throw backs!] late night chats, shared family bathrooms and quick pack up in the sprinkles...our form of camping when it rains pack it up and go out to breakfast!

heyo to mondays profound tweet [for you all without twitter, join i need followers:
i feel like we have come to the day when you get a wrong number you need to leave a voicemail to avoid the awkward call back

heyo to monday night:
first night of flag football! hmm i really had no idea what to expect or actually how to play. only played for a little bit tonight, just feeling it out. i like to refer to myself as a good cheerleader and observer. we have one very intense player Dominic....other than teammates seem cool. especially the bogo!!!

heyo to the count to bday party:
Hollywood interpretation. glitzed and glam version of lady gaga, duhhh. how can that be. i mean she wore meat to the VMAs but i will try...and i will give it a valiant effort and justice to her and be the most glamorous version of her i can be!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

tonight a house

tomorrow a tent.
watch out grand haven state park....round two of camping is about to being!
K.U.P aka keep you posted on how that goes!!
i got the tent, air mattress, pink bag chairs and sleeping bag!
LOTS of warm clothes! and goodies!!
shall be grand!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Could I fool you...

into making you think I know what I am doing? I mean I did skim read about ¾ of the owners manual, then gave it a test run this weekend! Fun stuff!

Monday, September 6, 2010

yoga pants

were giving the definition: most fun loving and forgiving friend, they adjust around the waist and even cushion the muffin top! this is what i spent most of my holiday weekend/vacation in. [refer to pictures below! haha]
quotes to sum up the tc fun:
---my back hurts from sleeping and laying around so much!
---this isn't a sixteens year old body anymore
---we are on vacation, all rules out the window
---we are domestic divas, i mean we cooked and we cleaned up!
---is it legal to discriminate on a hooter applications?
---when you pass sugar beach, put your blinker on.
---[in yelling tone] go back and get the product.
---thats nine bones yo. guys kinda look like lesbians, ohhhh retake the photo! [thanks for having our backs linds]
---three speedys in three days
---dont worry we drive a jet
---mini cooper lady: you girls are having way too much fun!
---yumm diet coke, eat it d.i.ff
---you will throw away your bra now.
---i had a dance party by myself, yeah before you got back, yeah without any music, yeah the tv wasnt on.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

cashing in on monday off

can not believe that it is already labor day weekend! super excited about a tc adventure with my bogo.
the list of hope to particular order:
1. watch lots of us open
2. get jets pizza & DQ!!
3. take lots of pictures
4. run 18 miles
5. sit in the sun
6. read lots of magazines
7. takes naps.
8. have linds visit
9. go shopping
10. bike downtown and sample repeatable at cherry republic
11. and many more that have fun writen all over them

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

candle number five

is all i could find to celebrate andy roddicks birthday, but it worked.
monday we celebrated his birthday and opening day at the us open!